Business Spectrum

Although being an insurance broker, re-insurance broker and risk manager, the group is run on a similar basis as that of an insurance company. All client functions are computerised and separate entities specialise in different fields. Each entity is again divided into operational departments. In this manner a high degree of specialisation is achieved.

The group is financially sound with no operational debts whatsoever. Constant expansion is financed from profits. Staff are of the highest caliber with the selection of employees based on experience. We are proud to mention that all staff have tertiary educational qualifications. 50% of the Group's employees have been been with us in excess of 8 years.

The group's field of operation includes:

  • Commercial insurance group schemes to businesses in South Africa.
  • Re-insurance and underwriting internationally of specialist products on a group basis.
  • Corporate insurance and risk management.
  • Human benefits (pension & medical products) for businesses and organisations.

The Chief Operating client area for the group is its contractual affiliation with banks, attorneys, auditors, trust companies and local Insurance Brokers on a retail level including the handling the insurance affairs of their clients.

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