The fields and divisions of expertise have been set and over the next decade expansion of each entity will be expected. The more use of selected South African Brokers to market our developed and re-insured products will be made. Delphisure Cape and South African affiliates will continue to serve as commercial group scheme Brokers for the needs of our own clients. As no operational debts are envisaged, surplus income will be injected to the Broking Market, as this is the field targeted for explosive growth over the next 3-year term. New products will be developed.

Constant upgrading of the computer system will continue with a fully fledged computer department being a direct link to broking services. In-house training is a daily occurrence and we regard our staff to be best asset.

We will continue to base our philosophies on being innovative when providing a service to our clients in order to minimise risk to our client. Our pride is that we are known in the industry for spoiling our clients. This proven concept is to be upheld at all costs. We continue to be innovative with smaller clients by offering to group them together and obtain discounted rates by way of group schemes. In the future we intend to activate the wholesale insurance markets / overseas services, resulting in a reduction of premium costs and ensuring that this becomes a reality for all.

Currently the group has offices / representation at the following locations:

  • Europe, America, London, All locations in South Africa

We have always surpassed our objectives. We have the fullest confidence that we will also surpass our projections for the future.

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