Over the past 20 years there have been numerous achievements:

  • Delphisure negotiated the largest single ex-gracia claim at the time in South Africa.
  • Delphisure was awarded the sole agency for Southern Africa by one of the largest Swiss European insurers.
  • Delphisure is one of the only 2 brokers in Southern Africa to be associated with possibly the largest re-insurance brokers in the U.K. The clout available via such association grants access to worldwide insurance markets, wholesale rates and widest cover. Our associate is large, it employs more than 5 times the number of staff currently employed in the short term insurance industry in South Africa.
  • Delphisure was awarded the bronze medal in 1991 for its turnover in the Cape by one of the larger insurers. Within 6 months of having obtained bronze status, gold status was achieved and held for multiple insurers annually.
  • Delphisure via innovation and flexible products has resulted in obtaining valued clients, from numerous public companies, public bodies and insurers products used daily by consumers.
  • Delphisure has been authorized to issue policies on behalf of insurers for amost a decade. This is a selected privilege offered to few brokers enabling Delphisure to design, formulate and issue its own unique group scheme products.
  • Delphisure negotiated the insurance of a national lottery, international sports events and numerous television game show competitions in London.

These examples reflect some of the diversified services and the reach of the group. We are able to offer all round insurance services to cater for every possible need.

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